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No. If the permittee retains ownership of the parcel AND will be O&M of PCSM BMPs, then no “Landowner Notice” form is necessary.

No. Appendix B does not outline the O&M responsibilities. The Landowner Notice form can be revised with permittee’s legal counsel to suit their needs for an O&M Agreement between the permittee and responsible party implementing the O&M plan.

The Instrument must accurately reflect the as-built conditions at the site. If the initial recording was not done with the Record Drawing/as-built(s), then they are to be filed as an amendment to the Instrument once they become available.

25 PA Code §102.1 defines a licensed professional as: professional engineers, landscape architects, geologists and land surveyors licensed to practice in this Commonwealth.

The permittee shall retain a copy of the record drawing/as-built(s) and shall also provide a copy, as part of the approved PCSM Plan, to the person(s) identified in Appendix B, as being responsible for the long-term operation and maintenance of the PCSM BMP(s). Additional copies of this NOT and record drawing/as-built(s) shall also be provided to the local municipality.

Yes. Specify portion of project that is completed in Section 1 of the NOT. List all completed PCSM BMPs in Appendix A and responsible person(s) of O&M for those specific PCSM BMPs in Appendix B.

Yes. Per 25 PA Code §102.7(c), the permittee and co-permittee will remain responsible for compliance with the permit terms and conditions until they receive written NOT approval by the District. This is a violation of the permit and will be referred to the Department for enforcement.

No. If a permittee/co-permittee does not reside in Pennsylvania, the notarization may be completed where they reside. Make note on the NOT what state the notary is from.

No. This person however, must be a licensed professional (professional engineers, landscape architects, geologists and land surveyors licensed to practice in this Commonwealth).

Yes. Send an email to your area's assigned inspector.