Our Impact in Trees
Over 1,000 Native Trees and Shrubs Planted Across Allegheny County

Here at the Allegheny County Conservation District and Allegheny Watershed Alliance, we have the privilege of incorporating riparian buffer plantings into our work. Since 2017, we have planted more than 1,000 native trees and shrubs over five acres of streamside property with incredible partners and volunteers across four watersheds in Allegheny County.

Riparian Buffer Plantings

Streamside Projects Completed in Four Watersheds

Turtle Creek Watershed | 170 trees on 1 acre
Peters Creek Watershed | 415 trees on 2 acres

Robinson Run Watershed | 70 trees on 0.25 acre
Montour Run Watershed | 400 trees on 2 acres

In partnership with Allegheny County Conservation District, Allegheny Watershed Alliance will plant a total of 10 acres of trees along streams in Allegheny County. Follow along and see our progress.

Why have we created space and energy towards riparian buffer plantings?

Riparian buffer plantings cross off many important bullets on our list of goals.
  • Educate residents on the importance of stream side plantings
  • Empower residents with knowledge to plant their own trees and shrubs at home
  • Engage municipalities, nonprofits, and residents on a watershed scale
  • Bolster the invaluable work of local watershed and community groups
  • Create a model for collaboration in Southwestern PA
  • Provide an opportunity for volunteers to enjoy all the positive health and mental wellness benefits derived from volunteering
  • Contribute to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s goal of planting 95,000 acres of riparian buffers by 2025
  • Increase the native diversity of our county by planting 20+ different species of trees and shrubs
  • Improve air, water, soil, wildlife habitat, aquatic habitat, species for pollinators, reduce the impacts of flooding and stormwater, and increase the aesthetic value of an area