Erosion Control Workshop
Promoting Responsible Development throughout our Region


Second Annual Erosion Control Workshop
From the field to the classroom, we’re working with developers, contractors and consultants to reduce sediment and erosion in our waterways.

In partnership with Butler County Conservation District, the second annual Erosion Control Workshop was held on February 14 and 15th at Cranberry Township Municipal Center. Over 100 participants attended this two-day workshop focused on proper installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment (E&S) controls. Each participant left with an E&S field guide designed by ACCD to take into the field while conducting inspections.

The Problem with Erosion & Sediment
Sediment, the state’s leading water pollutant, most frequently comes in concentrated levels from active construction sites, including housing plans, commercial buildings and single family homes. While erosion is a natural process, man-made erosion causing excessive amounts of sediment pollution can harm ecosystems and degrade water quality. We work to reduce sediment pollution throughout Allegheny County by regulating earth disturbance activities and promoting smart development.

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