The Stay-at-Home Environmentalist
Create Positive Change From Home

Despite a temporary change in lifestyle, there are many opportunities to create positive changes for both yourself and the environment. Here are a few tips and links below to get started.

Start With Your Yard
Did you know that you can save money, reduce maintenance, benefit wildlife and help improve water, air and soil just by how you manage your property?

Keep Storm Drains Clear in Your Neighborhood
Clear out storm drains to reduce flooding on your street and keep litter, leaves, twigs, etc. from getting into the sewer system. Leaves decompose and add nutrients wherever they land. These nutrients are good for soil, but not for water quality.

This activity is also a great way to get outside and stay active! Learn more about adopting a storm drain.


Leaves clogging storm drains can cause flooding and harm water quality.

Record the Good, Bad and Ugly of Water Quality
While out walking, use the free Water Reporter app and join the Allegheny Watershed Alliance group to document things like:
  • Discolored or frothy water
  • Loads of litter
  • Beautiful places, birds and animals
  • Eroding streambanks
  • Invasive species like Japanese Knotweed
Check out the citizen reports submitted in Allegheny County via the Allegheny Watershed Alliance account.


Citizen reports from Allegheny County document water quality conditions.