Before & After: Improvement Project Transforms Allegheny County Road
What it's like traveling a low volume road project

Road Improvements in Sewickley Hills Borough
Nearly two years after a $40,000 grant, the difference on Hunt Road is still striking.

After receiving a Dirt and Gravel Grant from ACCD, Sewickley Hills Borough made improvements to a section of this gravel road by installing new drainage features and re-grading the road to divert stormwater flow. These improvements not only help with road condition, but also reduce sediment pollution entering into a small stream that flows into Little Sewickley Creek. Though the work is far from finished on this road, the abrupt difference in driving conditions highlights the benefits of this project on both stormwater management and motor traffic. .

Work Completed on Hunt Road
  • Crosspipe installation
  • French mattress
  • Road resurfacing
  • Water redirection

About the Grant Program
The Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road Program provides education, technical assistance and funding for projects that minimize the impact of paved or unpaved low-volume roads on natural landscapes and streams. Every year, the program fund projects that promote cost-effective, environmentally-sound maintenance practices to correct erosion, runoff and pollution problems.

To date, we’ve awarded over $1.8 million in grants to eligible municipalities in Allegheny County to implement Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance Practices on local roads.

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