Take Good Care of Your Pumpkin
Get the Most From Your Pumpkin Post-Halloween

Using a pumpkin to its fullest potential and providing it with the best afterlife will help you make the most of your purchase and help the environment. Consider the ideas below to celebrate a pumpkin to the fullest.

Roast Seeds
Easy, delicious AND good for you! Pumpkin seeds can help to regulate blood pressure, improve heart health, and are filled with vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, A, K,& B. Simply collect seeds while you are carving your pumpkin. Rinse, allow drying, and roast them on a baking sheet. There are countless ways to roast your seeds from an online search.

Seed Saving
Pumpkins are surprisingly easy to grow if you have the space or the elbowroom they require. Choose a selection of the larger, blemish-free seeds collected from your pumpkin and clean them. Allow them to air dry, and store in a paper bag until planting season the following year.

Compost Pumpkin
Food waste in landfills accounts for a sizable cut of methane emissions in our atmosphere. Food in the landfill is also a wasted opportunity to bring vital nutrients back into the ground. Growing food takes nutrients, and we are not collectively rebuilding those nutrients, leaving poor, unhealthy soil. Please consider composting your pumpkin, and if that is not an option, bury it outside, or ask a friend with property to take it.

Make a Pumpkin Bird Feeder
Fill your cleaned pumpkin with birdseed and enjoy both the extended fall decoration and the pleasure of watching birds visit. Try hanging it if you prefer to leave it off the ground or other surface.

Cook With It or Can It
Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes! The list goes on. Pumpkin can be used on the spot for instant goods, or it can be canned or frozen to use throughout the year. There is a wealth of information online to help you make a pumpkin recipe come to life or ways to prepare for longer term storage.