Did you know...

That sediment is the number one, yes 1, pollutant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in Allegheny County? Just think about how much dirt there is, it's everywhere! Our job is to protect our watersheds from becoming impaired by non-point sources of pollution, such as sedimentation. Our Soils Solution Center incorporates a suite of programs and services designed to provide technical assistance, resources, leadership, and enforcement activities (when needed) to mitigate the effects of non-point sources of pollution.

Reviewing an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, whether for a permitted or non-permitted site, can be a difficult, some what anomalous process with many caveats and details to get caught up in. We know that. In response, we have simplified our review process, established firm due dates, and are committed to becoming more transparent.

Permit Processing Workflow

Intake Process

When your plan arrives, we immediately verify that the correct fees were submitted. Once we input the plan, you'll receive notification.

Completeness Review

The completeness review determines whether or not your submission includes all required components: completed NOI, PNDI, plans, etc.

Technical Review

The technical review evaluates the placement of E&S controls, temporary BMP's, calculations, etc. This is the most critical step in the review process.

Permit Issuance

Once your plan successfully journeys through the completeness and technical reviews, your project is ready for permit issuance!

Post Permit Workflow

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once your plan has been approved and permit issued, someone from our field staff will join you for a pre-construction meeting prior to breaking ground.


The need to modify a plan and/or permit can arise at any moment. Reach out to our staff if you discover that your project need to be modified.

Ongoing Inspections

Our field staff will inspect your project for the duration of the permit. Good communication correlates to good inspections.

Renewal or Termination

Permits have a lifespan, currently five years. If you need to renew your permit, let us know. Otherwise, please submit an NOT once your project is complete.